Stephen King’s  – ‘IT movie Tie-in’ – coming soon !!


The move adaptation of Stephen king’s IT is hitting the screens next month and the movie is a remake of the blockbuster from the early 90’s. The novel originally had close to 1150 nail biting pages to read and the readers of the generation were quite fascinated with the work of art. It has received a cult following ever since the launch of both the book and the original movie.

imagesJust like the movie getting a remake, the book to is being re released after a few restructuring. The commercial bodies associated with the brand have chosen wisely to re release the book cutting short the pages to less than 500 pages to attract the current generation readers. As a matter of fact this is more of a “Tie-in” version of the movie. So what exactly is a Tie-In

“A tie-in work is a work of fiction or other product based on a media property such as a film, video game, television series, board game, web site, role-playing game or literary property. Tie-ins are authorized by the owners of the original property, and are a form of cross-promotion used primarily to generate additional income from that property and to promote its visibility”

Make no mistake the book still has close to 500 page of nail biting expereince, but at a more faster pace cutting down the unrequired chapters and keeping only the details as shown in the movie (for character developments). On the whole the book is slated to release along side the movie. There has always been a stereotype that book do more justice to a story than the movies and the franchise heads were good enough to cash in on the same.

Releasing a movie for the less patient fans and a re-structured book for the reading unnamedcommunity was a good idea to capture both sides of their target audience in hoping to recreate the magic the originals did in the later 1980’s. The book is up for pre-order at Sapnaonline ( . Order now and be the first one to lay your hands on the book. Skip the waiting lines, order online and have the book delivered at your doorstep by India’s largest online book store – SapnaOnline.


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