Celebrating 20 Years of Harry Potter – The Boy who Lived!

20 years ago, an author who had struggled in her entire life, almost bankrupt, published her first book which she still terms to be the final resort in her life. Having gone through multiple suicide attempts, fighting a severe depression from a bad divorce, JK Rowling did what she knew she was best at – Write. On June 1997, her first book was released to audiences worldwide and changed her entire life topsy turvy. She is now the world’s richest female author and has published 10 books under her name, seven of them belonging to one single franchise – Harry Potter! The boy who lived.

SapnaOnline is proud and happy to have been associated with the Harry Potter franchise in India for the past 20years. The franchise and the series of books have created records in our store like no other. Potter fans from the muggle world gathered around in our store across all age groups casting spells on each other to grab a copy of the book before it ran out of stock. The craze for this magical world was beyond words to explain.

Somewhere between the philosopher stone and the deadly hallows did the kids grow up, most of them in their teens. The books have been instrumental in inspiring kids and children to book reading and some of them have confessed on being addicted to books; courtesy of the series.

14597273_1745390015788149_8805157026700197888_n.jpgDespite the fact that the book featured about a sad orphan being invited to a magical life, the morals and the philosophy that the franchise carried in each of it’s book needs to be appreciated.

An inspiring tale of a young lad who had lost it all and yet his life turned out to be much more than what he had expected is an inspiration for people who have failed but chose not to give up. Not to forget that Albus Dumbledore’s famous words – “There is no greater magic than love”

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It has been 20 years since JK Rowling and her elite group of characters took us through 9 ¼ , on board the Hogwards express , meet  new friends, new enemies and adventures that made us expect a letter  from Hogwarts carrying an invite to the school.  Two decades, seven books, three names, two worlds, one ending – it was truly a magical ride everyone wishes to experience once again.

SapnaOnline celebrates HP20 with new collector’s edition books from Scholastic. Join the magical world for one last ride and celebrate the world’s biggest magical event in the book community.  Visit www.sapnaonline.com and grab your copy today!



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