Sapna Online shows you how Easy it is to order from a Mobile App?


We all love shopping, needless to say more if it were done from your home while sitting in your favorite couch without having to spend a dime for travel. SapnaOnline too has a mobile application exclusively targeting audience from the book reading community and a little bit into the gifting space.  So how does it work apart from downloading it from the google or the apple store? Let us walk you through on ordering using a mobile application (with the help of our very own mobile application).

Step 1: Register on the application. You can either choose to sign up with your personal information and register yourself on the application with an exclusive secured Login ID and password, or you could very well log in with your facebook profile (Considering the mobile application has the integrated services and you have yourself a facebook account).


Step 2: Once you are inside the application, you would have the user interface first up showing you the books available, categories, and genres, search bar etc.  This is the home page. Home page often shows you the top 5 books in each of the before mentioned segments. It also shows you the “best sellers”, “Pre-order” and “Book on discounts”

Step 3:  Look for the search bar inside the mobile application and tap on it. Now, once you are accessible to type, put in the name of the book you want to purchase and tap go or the magnifying glass. It would directly take you the book’s order page which as a little bit about the book , the price, discounts if any and most importantly – Place your order button. Tap on the same and the book is now added to your cart. You may now continue to shop for more books or gift items by redoing step 3. You can also browse through books and gift items via segments and other options available in the application

Step 4: Once you have added your required books and gift items to your cart, Click on the ‘cart’ symbol in the right top corner of your mobile application. It would take you down to the cart page where all the products you have added would be listed along with its price and the total price you would ne18057683_1484508011579882_8753918821774774242_ned to pay. Tap on proceed to choose your mode of payment- Credit card, Debit card or Cash on delivery.  Proceed to the next step to fill, edit or choose your delivery address. Click done.

Congrats, You have now successfully placed your first order in an mobile application. Download our mobile application here to buy books and many more and have them delivered at your doorstep.




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