Sapna Online’s Top 5 essentials Every Book Worm Must Have:

Being a book worm is nothing to be embarrassed about. Gone are those days when kids reading books were called nerds. We are currently living in a society where the comic books and fantasy novels which were ridiculed to be geek’s play make billion dollar businesses in the movie forum. So embrace your geeky side and get yourself equipped for some good reading experience as Sapna online lists the top few essentials required for a carefree read.

LED night readers

So1This one is for the night time readers. If you are someone who likes a horror read under the blankets, this one is for you. LED night readers that can be pinned with the books help you read your favorite book at your favorite time, alone without having to disturb the others. This one is for the ones who look out for the thrills in the late nights.

Book holder

For those who would like to enjoy their read without much of hand holding involved, then this one is for you. A book holder helps you keep the page you are reading locked down without any interference. If you are someone who likes to read a book in the middle of a storm, then this one is for you.


For those Time pass readers who take forever to read their book. Bookmarks come in handy helping your identify your last read. You could very well save time in searching for the page you left off before you it was time for you to hit the bed

Pen and Dictionary

For those who like to learn and identify new words. The Book worlds are filled with new So1words to identify and learn. What good would it be if you do not understand the in depth meaning of a word or a phrase. Have a dictionary besides you to learn the meaning of new words as you come by. Oh and if you are too lazy to stretch for your dictionary, at least have a pen to mark those words so that you can come back to later.

An eye check up

On a funny note, the most important essential a book worm would need is an eye check up. Just kidding! We at Sapnaonline provide the best utilities for all you book worms out there (Except for the eye check up) Log on to SapnaOnline or download our app today to have your orders reach your doorstep! We are the reader’s favorites after all!



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