Making Shopping Easier! SapnaOnline presents its Mobile App for Android and iOS

Having been in the business for 50 years, SapnaOnline is an exclusive online shopping portal to its valued customers. Later, it also introduced its new mobile app on Android and IOS platforms to help customers place orders for their favorite book and have them delivered at their doorstep with a click of a button.18057683_1484508011579882_8753918821774774242_n.jpg

As the digital era continues its progressive curve, a lot of surprises have been thrown into the global market. Many a business which failed in the traditional methods has ushered a new beginning on the digital frontier, turning the tide in its favor.

What’s cooking at Sapna Online?

With thoughts on having an online presence through SapnaOnline, the group has taken a step further in bringing in a mobile application that has opened up new space in the Book Selling market. By serving its customers with an exclusive app for the book and in-house products, it is safe to say that they are the pioneers in such scenarios.

We do have a lot of online applications who work on a larger market across various verticals. They do not have a single focus serving more of an agent for budding and influential sellers across the country.

The advantages SapnaOnline has over them are SapnaOnline sells theirs in-house products and books received directly from the publishers or the wholesale agent.  This puts in the entire liability of the end product on Sapna. Good, Bad, Damaged – Sapna is your one point contact and you do not have to wait for another 10 days for the entire shipping procedure, unlike the SOP with other providers.

The MRP is fixed and reasonable. Apart from the shipping charges, you can see the rates constant and on par with the MRP (Unless provided a discount).


It is also to be noted that the application’s core focus in on the books. With such prime focus, you can find just about any book (including academics) you wish to read. With more than 350,000 books available for you to chose from, it can be concluded that the SapnaOnline mobile app is your one-stop App shop for grabbing your favorite book, anytime and anywhere.

Shopping for books online has never been made easier, Experience our user-friendly and comfortable portal and place your order. Too good to be True. Have your placed your order yet on


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