SapnaOnline app now available for download!

SapnaOnline is an online store and has been exclusively made available to the public for pre-ordering, ordering not just your favorite books online but also electronics, toys, games etc. With more than 350,000 books to choose and order from, the online portal has been something that has been much awaited in the country.

With a lot of E-Commerce portal focussing on day to day needs or based on a broad market (all verticals like Electronics, Toys, Mobiles, Accessories, clothing etc), SapnaOnline has managed to narrows its focus to in-house back to school products, books – both literature and academic for all age groups.


Do not confuse yourself with Kindle. Kindle is an E-Reader application where in you have access to thousands of Book and novels in the Electronic format. Sapna Mobile app is more of a Portal to place orders and receive the book at your door step.

The Digital era has marked the start of a new age in marketing and establishing a brand in the market. The age has come for entities and businesses alike to own a mobile application to make them self-visible to folks via social media and other digital ways. Having developed an exclusive app (with no real competition) for books alone, Sapna online has not only made a statement in the digital market but also made sure they have their brand rooted across the available market formats till date.

Why don’t you try it and see for yourself? Download and register on the app to have access to over 350,000 books. Place your order and receive your book at your door step. Just click


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