Books are Man’s best Mentors

For many young adults, choosing which direction to take after high school may feel like an insurmountable task. Should I pursue further studies? Which institute should I opt for? Which course is right for me? Should I take some time out? When it comes to choosing your career, the old maxim ‘know thyself’ is the […]

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Something for Everyone!

The bookstore has novels of every genre available, be it international bestsellers in fiction, nonfiction, they have it all.There are thrillers, mystery novels, crime novels, Fantasy and Sci-Fi novels and many more. They also have autobiographies, memoirs, biographies, and literature in multiple languages which cater to the needs of the various happy customers at They […]

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Say Hello to the Future!

Role of technology and gadgets cannot be ignored in the context of interest-based curriculum and learning. Most millennials today are far more technology savvy than their elders. It is also true that these technologies and gadgets are the future. One has to be clear of how technology can be leveraged to foster interests and learning […]

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Just one click away!

Mentors have a different role than teachers or parents, as they can easily push pupils to become agents of their own educational trajectories and destinies. Strong mentorship programs will help the students develop the confidence, self-esteem and skills they need to be successful in school and in life. Schools and educational institutions should appoint mentors […]

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